1. Why did you start Yema CoLabs?

As the name suggests, CoLabs is way for us to collaborate with great people around the world to design unique and innovative time pieces. Yema CoLabs is also a way for you to submit ideas and to take an active part in the design process.

2. I have a cool idea. Where can I submit it?

Awesome! We love great ideas! 😀

You can submit your idea on our Facebook group by making a post. We recommend giving a detailed description of your idea and make sure to add pictures. Tell us what’s unique about your idea and why we should go ahead with it.

Your post will be reviewed by our team and published within 24 hours. Once the post is published, the community will be able to discuss and upvote your idea. Posts receiving a substantial number of votes on Facebook will be included in our Projects Ideas section so they can be reviewed in more detail by everyone with the support of Yema’s team.

Projects Ideas approved by Yema team will be prototyped. Pictures and videos of the prototype will be shared within the Facebook group. If we are all satisfied, we will then move to the production phase.

3. I posted on the Facebook group. Why hasn’t it been published yet?

All posts must be reviewed and approved by our team first. This approach is necessary to guarantee a consistent and clutter-free timeline on our Facebook group. We are very responsive and we promise to publish your post within 24 hours.

4. I’m a creator or I represent a brand. How can I submit an idea?

Great, we look forward to hear from you! You can send us a message on our Facebook group or you can contact us directly on marketing@yema.com

5. How will I know if an idea is turning to a product?

Within each project, we have included a timeline to help you understand what stage we are at.

Idea: The project is being evaluated by Yema team and is open to discussion on the Facebook group.

Prototype: A prototype is being made. Pictures and videos of the prototype will be shared within the Facebook group prior to production. We also plan to organise prototype demos in selected locations upon invitation.

Product: The project is now in the production stage. It will soon be available on our online store!

6. What if I have an additional question?

The best way to get in touch with us regarding Yema CoLabs is via our Facebook group. Otherwise, you can talk to one of our customer representatives on our online store.